Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming is BetIndi’s top priority. We work hard to create a comfortable gaming environment with users’ needs in mind. However, for some people, gambling becomes more than just a pastime; it becomes an addiction that takes a toll on their financial and emotional wellbeing.

Responsible gambling is an effective tool in the fight against gambling addiction. Its key principle is the implementation of measures aimed at preventing unstable behaviour in relation to gambling.

BetIndi strives to keep our customers safe so that they can only have fun, without compromising their budgets. We believe that following the guidelines outlined below will ensure that we do not have any problems associated with gambling addiction.

We do not cater for:

  • Users under 18 years old;
  • Illegal players;
  • People with psychological addiction to games. uses certified software to ensure the integrity of our games and betting results. Customers may withdraw from BetIndi at any time if they feel that their financial situation or personal circumstances are adversely affected.

It is important to maintain control

Users of our website should be aware that gambling is an interesting hobby and a way of spending leisure time. Do not treat gambling as a source of extra income: it increases the risk of psychological discomfort if you fail, and of financial difficulties. We try to make it clear to our customers that casino games and sports betting are only for fun.

Adhere to the rules described below:

  • Know your limits when gambling. Do not treat gambling and casino betting as a way of getting rich.
  • Allocate a set amount of money for entertainment. Do not spend money set aside for important purchases, utilities and other household needs.
  • Control the time of the gaming session. Gambling should not take up all your free time and you shouldn’t let it come at the expense of family and friends.
  • Don’t try to win back the money you have spent. This only increases the risk of more losses, mood deterioration and addiction to gambling.

Getting help

If you feel you can’t cope with the situation, get help from organisations that provide support for gambling addicts. They can help you deal with compulsive gambling:;;

There are telephone hotlines on the websites of the companies represented. There are email addresses for anonymous counselling and support.

How does gambling addiction affect life?

Gambling addiction changes not only the player’s life, but also the lives of those close to him. When it provokes financial hardship, the family begins to feel the negative effects that come with the hobby. The addict abandons basic needs in favour of the game. The addict turns to pawn shops, moneylenders and other financial institutions to make up for the financial loss. Family members become involved in the problem, causing rifts and straining relationships.

How do I know if there is a problem?

If you are seeing signs of a gambling problem, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Has anyone close to you or a friend criticised your gambling or casino gambling habit?
  • Have you had to tell lies to hide the amount you spent on entertainment?
  • Does losing cause frustration, anger or dissatisfaction?
  • Can you put off important business to play at the casino?
  • How much time do you spend on gambling?
  • Do you find that gambling helps to make life more interesting?
  • Can you spend the money you put aside for gambling on something else?
  • Have you had to apply for a loan from a bank or pawnshop to get money to continue gambling?
  • Have your relationships with friends or family deteriorated because of your hobby?
  • When you lose a large sum of money, do you want to win it back quickly?
  • Do you get discouraged when you run out of fun money?
  • Does your mood change depending on your gambling success?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, it is worth seeking help from a qualified professional and temporarily suspending your gambling activity.